Most of us caring for one with special needs have to say no to a lot. Looking back on days on end as a young mom, I remember barely coming up for air from treading the waters of life that engulfed me. It was never ending:

  • Therapies
  • Doctors/hospitals
  • Diapers
  • 2 more (beautiful and lovely) children (daughters)
  • Ministry
  • Meals
  • Marriage
  • And on and on it goes!

During some seasons of our life, we had (what seemed to be) no free time whatsoever; and other times, some. Sometimes whatever free time there was needed to be for errands and catching up. Can you relate? The “luxury” of sleeping in, vacationing, time with adult friends, outings, etc. was basically non-existent. Everything we did for ourselves we had to do for our son, so we were busy with that type of care.

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