Yesterday’s solar event clearly points to the amazing realities of Creation, Providence, and the order that God has placed in our world. The eclipse and all the emerging science also points to the reality of the imago dei. . . the fact that humanity is the crowning point of His creation. . . that we image God through the development, use, and advancement of our abilities to reason, think, and understand.

Yesterday’s solar eclipse was indeed a doxological moment. I didn’t look at the sun, but I viewed the uniqueness of the eclipsed sun’s rays while riding alone on my bicycle through our local farmland. And I was reminded. . . He truly holds the world in His hands.

But I wonder. . . is life in our 21st century world somehow diminished when we view just about everything in our lives. . . including a solar eclipse. . . through our electronic screens?

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Source: CPYU

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