Pulse will be back Jan 10. The next week, since it’s finals week for most schools, HSM will be taking a “Study Break.” This means on Jan 17 we will NOT meet in Small Groups. Instead, each campus will hang out in a coffee shop for students to come hang out and study. We are even trying to recruit some tutors for the night!

This month our teaching series is called “How to Deal.” Life is like a card game. We can’t choose what cards we are dealt, but we can chose how we handle them. We chose whether we turn to God to help us deal or not. Our goal is to help students have healthy, biblical plans in mind when dealing with the pressures of life. We will be reading Daniel 3 to see what we can learn about dealing with stress on Jan 24. On Jan 31 we will be reading Titus 3:1-8 to see what we can learn about controlling gossip and envy in our hearts.

Starting a conversation:
1) What “stressors” are you dealing with in your life right now? (Ask them to be honest, and be compassionate.)
2) Are you relying on God for help? If not, why? If so, how?

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