I am come that they might have life. And have it more abundantly. John 10:10b, KJV

I had my first social media dust-up a few months ago. It freaked me out to the point of making all my accounts ultra-private, and stopped me from commenting on anything for quite a while. I had the audacity to comment something positive on a special needs parenting post. I threw my glass-half-full attitude into a beehive of conversation about how “it only gets harder.”

I was crucified! How dare I suggest that it gets easier or better. I’m obviously a self-absorbed mom whose child isn’t nearly as disabled as the other moms in the group. Their children are adults, completely dependent, and challenged in health as well as daily function. I get it. If I’m being honest, I have, as most of us can confess, dispensed my own venom to others who dare to claim they understand what I’m going through. Say it with me, friends: “you have no idea!” We’ve all blurted it, or at least thought it rather crossly, when others try to appease or lessen the complexities of our situations.

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