“Joey Stories – As Told By Mom” is a FB page where I take the time to share fun, funny, kind, and sweet things Joey says, does, or responds to. I admit loving when others compliment the page because I know they are getting to know Joey. It’s like the frosting on the cake. Joey is such fun and special but hearing that others enjoying hearing about him and learning about him…. just makes it all worthwhile! So today, to celebrate this month of love, I’ll share stories!

Special needs are as individual as snowflakes…not one is the same. Feeling that way about our Joey helps us to recognize his unique special needs makes him like no other. I appreciate so many things about him! While he has many challenges (one being limited expressive language)

I love that he has a sense of humor:

  • He laughs at my silly jokes, faces, and gets funny commercials. I wonder what he thinks, but for sure he knows when things “aren’t right” and laughs at them!
  • A local furniture store advertises on billboards. It’s “Fish Furniture.” While driving Joey home from work he read it out loud. He exclaimed with laugher, “FISH furniture?!” We both burst out laughing. He gets it and we love that he does!

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