People look at you and say, “I don’t know how you do it,” and you aren’t quite sure what they are talking about. You just did what was necessary. You learned about sensory integration, drug interactions, reflex integration, nutritional therapies, coffee enemas, methylation, verbal behavior training, brain gym, and a host of other things, just to help your child take one step forward… (excerpt from Parenting Like a Ninja)

Sometimes, I feel the Holy Spirit nudging me heart, using my son, speaking in J’s voice. He’s saying something like ….

I need you mommy. Wait!  I know you know, but I mean something else. You’re right. I do need you to take care of me, to protect me when I can’t protect myself, to advocate for me when others don’t understand. You do that mom, perfectly for me. I know you wish you did more, better, more often, had more time, money, anything for me, for my growth and development. I know you would happily bear anything if it would help me take another step in my development. Words cannot express my gratitude for your loving service to me.

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