Actions Show Who You Are

Write some actions on slips of paper and act them out (without using words).

Some ideas to get you started:

Pretend that you are:

  • Walking through a giant tub of Cool Whip
  • Riding your favorite ride at an amusement park
  • Washing the dog
  • Eating an ice cream cone
  • Laughing at a movie
  • Sliding on a slip and slide in the backyard
  • Playing basketball
  • Catching a runaway snake

These actions helped us guess what you were doing.

What do our actions tell others about us? (What kind of person we are; what we are really like; etc.)

What can we tell about God from His actions in sending Jesus to die on the cross? (He is loving, merciful, kind, good, sacrificial, holy, etc.)

Read Romans 5:8. What does this verse tell us God did for us? While we were still sinners, Christ died for us! WOW! That’s true love!


How Big Is God’s Love?

Take turns measuring items using a ruler, yardstick, or tape measure. Pick a volunteer and then announce the item to be measured. Continue until all have a turn and then ask: How big is God’s love? Can God’s love be measured?

Read Ephesians 2:4-5 and Ephesians 3:18 to find out more about God’s love.

God’s love is bigger than we can imagine!



Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday so forward this to Dad (or a good friend or grandparent) who will step in to help your kids show love to their mom. Even if you’re a single mom, it is okay to talk about how you will all celebrate. Teaching kids to honor and love mom is life-giving!

Some ideas:

  • Make a card—Write 5 things I like about Mom.
  • Buy flowers—potted plants are cheap and beautiful now—let kids decorate the pot with markers or stickers.
  • Make a special meal or snack.
  • Make sure she is treated like a queen on this day (no chores or cooking).

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