Today, we’re joined with Ted Lowe, executive director of marriage strategies at The reThink Group, and Tom Shefchunas, director of student strategy at The reThink Group, and host, Carlos Whittaker, to talk about the funny and serious sides of fatherhood in this episode of the Parent Cue Live podcast.


  • Take time to celebrate. Fatherhood is hard work and it’s necessary to recharge whenever you can. Find some things you really enjoy doing — whether it’s listening to a podcast or watching your favorite Netflix series or hiking to refuel.
  • Show yourself some grace. No one expects you to be perfect (not even your wife!). Focus on the things you can control in your parenting, such as being attentive and truly listening and everything else will work itself out.


Fatherhood has its own set of unique experiences and challenges in the arena of parenthood. You’re part follower, part enforcer, and part whatever-it-is-that-needs-to-be-done. While you’re likely confident in other areas of your life, such as your job or your hobbies, there are often times when you find yourself dumbfounded when it comes to being a parent.

Today, in honor of Father’s Day, we celebrate you! We acknowledge fatherhood isn’t all ball games in the park, but really hard work. And even though you have no idea what’s going on half the time, you’re doing a wonderful job being just dad.

To celebrate the occasion, we’ve got three of our favorite dads sharing their ideas on the ups and downs of fatherhood and all of the funny moments in between. Host Carlos Whittaker teams up with Tom Shefchunas, director of student strategy at The reThink Group and Ted Lowe, executive director of marriage strategies at The reThink Group to share their most memorable fatherhood stories.




“As a dad, I’ve never regretted when I’ve paused. —@tedlowe
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“Each kid is uniquely different in the ways you reach their heart. —@loswhit
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Ted Lowe 


Director of Marriage Strategies at the reThink Group.

Carlos Whittaker, Parent Cue Live Host 


Carlos is an author, speaker, and content creator living in Nashville, TN with his wife Heather and 3 kids Sohaila, Seanna, and Losiah. He is addicted to social media, his wife’s enchiladas, and is determined to have his daughters teach him to land a backflip on the trampoline by the time he is 45.

Tom Shefchunas 


Director of Student Strategy at the reThink Group.

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