Guess How Long It Lasts

Play a simple game of hangman for them to guess how long God’s love lasts. Make seven blank lines (for the word, forever) and invite students to guess the letters before you draw a person.

Read Psalm 118:1-4. Depending on the translation you read, you will see that God’s steadfast love/mercy endures forever. That means we can count on Him to keep loving and helping us forever!


Bigger Than

Hold a measuring contest to talk about the bigness of God’s love. Grab some measuring tapes (or yardsticks or rulers—whatever you have) and see who can find and measure the biggest of each of the following: shoe, blade of grass, pencil, stuffed animal, book, animal with four legs, stick, box, arm, etc. Praise them for finding and measuring the items.


How big is God’s love? Read Ephesians 3:17. God’s love is bigger than anything we can imagine. God’s love cannot be measured!


Bible Balloon Batting

Students are learning Psalm 118:24 this month. (This is a GREAT one to memorize and say often!)

Blow up a balloon (or use a small ball or stuffed animal) and choose two kids to toss it back and forth. (Blow up one balloon for every two kids so all can play at the same time.) Each time they bat the balloon (or catch the ball), they must say the next word in the Bible verse. Don’t forget to include the Bible address (Psalm 118:24). Play this several times.

Name some reasons to be glad!

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