Give Thanks…Even for Trouble

Make popcorn the old-fashioned way and talk about how hard times can bring something good. Pour the oil in and get it hot; then pour in the popcorn and listen for the pops. Talk about how hard the kernels are before you popped them.

What do you have to do to the kernels to cook them? (Add heat)

What does the heat do to the kernels? (The heat turns the natural moisture inside the kernels to steam. The hard covering keeps the steam from escaping, causing pressure to build up inside the kernel. The pressure finally bursts the tough shell with a popping sound and the white, tasty inside of the kernel puffs out.)

Without the heat there would be no light fluffy popcorn to eat. The problems (trials) that come in our life are like the heat, but something good can come out of them.

Read Psalm 34:1-7. How did this writer feel about his troubles? (Thankful that God delivered him from his troubles; thankful that God helped him; etc.) It’s hard to be thankful for trouble, but God is so great that He can deliver us from the trouble and even work good from it. 

****Microwave popcorn works too—just let them feel the hard kernels before popping.


Bet You Can’t Think of One More

As you are riding in the car, play “thankful categories.” Let someone pick a letter of the alphabet. Take turns naming one thing you are thankful for starting with that letter. Keep going until no one can think of anything else (G—God, grapes, girls, giraffes, etc). Let another person pick a letter and start again naming things that you are thankful for that begin with that letter. End the game by arriving at your destination or saying, “Wow, God made a lot of things to be thankful for. Thank You, God.”


Taste and See

Choose three or four flavors of ice cream (pint size works great) and host a taste test. Which one is best?

Psalm 34:8 says to taste and see that the Lord is God; the one who trusts in God is blessed. What do you think that means? Would you have known what the ice cream was like unless you tasted it? No. I could have told you what it was like, but you had to try it to know for yourself. Each one must believe that God is good and will reward. Ask God to help anytime you need help and don’t forget to say thank you when He helps.

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