What We’re Learning: Friended
Our MSM Small Group teaching series from the weekends of July 21 & 22 to August 11 & 12 is titled “Friended.” Few things have as much influence in your students’ world in middle school than their peers and friends. We will encourage students to look at who they are hanging out with, how those people are influencing them, and how they can influence their friends from an overflow of God’s love. We’ve intentionally placed this series at the beginning of the school year in hopes your students start their year off making wise decisions about their friendships.

The main points they will learn are:
Our friends have great influence in the direction and quality of our lives.
We are called not just to love our friends but also our enemies.
We are called to forgive like Jesus forgives.
We are called to talk like God talks.

Starting a Conversation:
How can friends sometimes be a good influence? A bad influence?
How can I help support you when you notice friends being a bad influence?
Do you have any friends that have hurt your feelings? (Listen & empathize with their feelings). How can we love and forgive that person like Jesus?

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