Have you come to that point with your child’s diagnosis or challenges where you kind of forget that they are a big deal, that you still have the possibility of regression, or that the issues might be something you could be praying about? I was reminded of this fact a few weeks ago.

Our church has four different services, and we were at one that we don’t usually attend. My daughter (who is blind due to a condition called aniridia and her battle with glaucoma) and I were walking down the aisle to exit after church had ended. We typically make a bee-line out because she doesn’t have much patience when we chat with people after the service.

A gentleman spotted us and reached out to me. He said, “I notice your daughter is walking with a cane. I’m blind too. I remember those days of using my cane.” He proceeded to ask me what conditions made her blind, if she was learning braille, and a few other questions that we typically get asked when we encounter a blind person.

“Can I pray for her?” he asked.

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