What We’re Learning: Full Life
Sept 22-Oct 7, 2018
Imagine you have an old phone and someone calls and says they’ll upgrade it to the new iPhone X for FREE! You’d be excited, right? Well, Jesus actually offers us a WAY better upgrade in our lives that He has already fully paid for. In John 10:10 Jesus calls this upgrade a “full life” and it’s super exciting! In this full life, Jesus invites us to trade our worry for His peace. He also is able to bring hope to what seems hopeless. Too often people get caught in “traps” thinking that things like pleasure, performance, possessions, or positions will bring us full life. All these traps will leave us empty in the end. A full, rich, abundant, and satisfying life is found in Jesus alone.

Starting A Conversation:
Keep the conversation going at home:
1) What are some things that keep people from embracing the full life Jesus offers them?
2) As a family, how can we…
– Help each other avoid those traps?
– Encourage each other to embrace the full life Jesus offers us?

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