We all need a little help!

Walk an obstacle course without running into anything and with no assistance. Choose one person to be “it.” Blindfold her and send her out of the room. Quickly set up a simple obstacle course with pillows, large stuffed animals, chairs, etc. Bring the blindfolded one back into the room and instruct her to walk to the other side of the room. (No one should offer any help.) When finished, take off the blindfold and enlist another volunteer. Blindfold and send the new volunteer out of the room. Rearrange the “obstacles” for the new person. When everyone has had a turn, talk about it.

What was hard about this? How would it have been different if you had others to guide you? (It would have been easier; they would have kept me from going a wrong way; etc.)

***Let them walk through the obstacle course with a guide if you like.

Students began learning about the kings of Israel and the paths they chose (which led not only themselves but many others in a wrong way).

King Rehoboam would not listen to wise men who tried to guide him in the right way. Instead, he made a wrong decision and the kingdom was divided.


Where Can I Get It?

Draw a picture of or write the name of each of the following ways to get wisdom—Bible, parents, pastor, godly Christians, prayer—on an index card or piece of paper. Hide these when the kids are not looking.

Where can you find wisdom?

Instruct the kids to search for five cards (hidden around the room) that tell how to get wisdom. After you have found them, let each child read his card and tell how one can gain wisdom.

Read Proverbs 2:1-6 aloud to see what Solomon (one of the wisest men who ever lived) said about finding wisdom. Encourage your kids to look in the Bible or ask God for wisdom or ask you or another godly person when they want to know the right thing to do.


Following Wisdom

Put a small reward (treat of food or candy) on one side of the room and line up the kids on the opposite side. Share some actions and ask them to decide if it is a wise or an unwise choice. If they think it is a wise choice, they may take a step forward. If it is an unwise one, they must take a step back. (Make sure you read more wise choices so they can reach the reward.)

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Read your Bible every day.
  • Be patient with a younger sibling.
  • Listen to Mom or Dad.
  • Ignore the Bible’s instructions.
  • Talk to God when you need help.
  • Think you are smarter than everyone else.
  • Sneak around and watch a forbidden TV program.
  • Say no when others want you to do something wrong.
  • THINK before you decide what to do.
  • Ask God for wisdom.

When they reach the reward on the other side of the room, share it and talk about making wise choices.

God gave us the Bible to help us know how to live wisely. We must read and obey it to become wiser. God rewards those who obey His commands. We will become wiser if we know the right thing and choose to do it.

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