What We’re Learning Oct 13-Nov 4: Urban Legends
Is Big Foot real? What about the Loch Ness monster? A lot of people believe in these urban legends. But what about urban legends surrounding God? The main goal for this series is to address popular lies about our relationship with God with the truth. Each week we will look at a different lie, aka urban legend, and investigate what God’s Words has to say on the matter.
Oct 13 & 14 My God > My Guilt
• Urban Legend: The guilty should run away from God.
• Truth: God’s love and mercy are bigger than our guilt.
Oct 20 & 21 My God > My Good
• Urban Legend: I just need to be “good enough” for God.
• Truth: God doesn’t just desire you to be good, He desires you to be His disciple.
Oct 27 & 28 My God > My Happiness
• Urban Legend: If God loves me, then God’s biggest concern should be making me happy.
• Truth: God is more concerned with your holiness than your happiness.
Nov 3 & 4 My God > My Doubts
• Urban Legend: I can’t have doubts about God and be a Christian.
• Truth: God is greater than our understanding; We can have questions about God and still believe in Him.

Starting A Conversation:
1) Have you struggled with any of these urban legends about God before?
2) How can you embrace the truth?

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