We recently finished speaking for a Familylife Weekend to Remember and seemed to hear a common thread from others about what they heard from us as we spoke about our family and son with special needs. Several wrote us notes, private messages on FB, texts, and this one hand written note, “Your vulnerability and transparency about Joey was the pivotal moment in this conference. It’s not about feeling bad for you (as parents), it’s about being inspired to receive and love unconditionally!!”

Wow, we were so encouraged to hear that. Additionally people spoke to us sharing much of the same thing. One gal thanked Cindi for sharing challenges and failures in parenting from which she could relate. While we are grateful for these kind words of encouragement we feel we have often taken the life-long challenge as a gift that others haven’t had the pleasure to receive. Along with that has come many realizations that keep us grounded in reality. So, often when we are sharing challenges, we cloak it with, “this is not a complaint, it’s just a fact.”

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