As I stood in my kitchen sipping coffee, I realized with a lurch in my stomach that I still hadn’t written anything this month for the blog. In my head I heard the voice that often likes to taunt me, “You’ve got to write, you’ve got to pack for your trip, you’ve got to clean the cat’s litter box, you’ve got to e-mail the teachers at school…”

As I tried to calm myself down by making a list and deciding which things to do, I realized I was also scheduled to serve meals to the homeless that night, usher at our church’s special Vision service the next night, and then I would be leaving for Washington DC the following Sunday!

Impossible! How did I over-schedule myself again?

As I heard all the the “you have tos” in my head, I suddenly recalled back to a message I recently heard on the Elevation Church podcast with Steven Furtick. He encouraged us to ask ourselves a question as a means by which to check our emotions: Where did that come from?

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Source: Special Needs Parenting- Key Ministry

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