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Parent Hub Live #1 - Internet Safety and Guidelines

Parent Hub Live #1 - Internet Safety and Guidelines Starting the conversation as it relates to Internet Safety. We used the analogy of driving a car, the keys, road signs and warning lights. Listen in to the facebook live to hear more about it. Giveaway - Leave a comment: What was your first cell phone and how old you were? LIVE Winner - Carrie Ann PaceSecond Winner - picked Monday April 15 (comment below to enter)Books: Tech-Wise Family - https://amzn.to/2I8Ul9iBoundaries with Teens - https://amzn.to/2UaDZP4Top 6 Apps: Snapseed - Photo editing https://apple.co/1euFQ56Boomerang - Short Fun Videos https://apple.co/1Mxxpx6Moshow - Slideshow Movie Maker https://moshowapp.com/Youtube - Videos https://apple.co/2j338L4Marco Polo - Video Chatting App https://www.marcopolo.me/Instagram - Photo & Video Social Media https://www.instagram.com/?hl=enDriving Analogy (definitions)Car = internet & social media Keys = device, phone, laptop etc. Powerful tool that accesses the vehicleRoad Signs = Information that is helpfulWarning Lights = Known Warning lights that need attention, know the lightWarning Light: Embrace the conversation before it happens and/or if it is an issue.Bullying - consistent pressure over time. Pornography - CAN DO PlanC- Close eyesA - Always tell a trusted adultN - Name itD - Distract yourselfO - Order the thinking brainThoughts of Suicide - Tell a trusted adult immediately Media contract: https://bit.ly/2HTKSmT3 Parent Hacks Parent first, not friend first onlineParents need to be more on social media, not on it enough. Learn more about the apps your students are using. Great way to know the dangers is to use the appsEverything is a conversation, discuss in grace & truth to create an open line of communicationNext Parent Hub Live - April 24th - hosted by Hope’s Special Needs Ministry Jessica & Andie talking about Soul Care. Announcements: Hope Middle School Students - Color War April 30 - MS Students (6-8 grades) & MS Parents are invited 6:30 - 8pm at Apex CampusHope HSM - Bro Night - April 12 at Apex Campus (HS guys event) & HSM 24 on May 3.KidCity Hope Community Church - Volunteer for Easter Services. Equipping sessions this weekend - email kidcity@gethope.netHope Community Church Special Needs Ministry- Family Connect Night. Apex April 23 & Ral April 24. Keep parenting well. Visit http://www.theparenthub.net for more encouragement, guidance and partnering together.

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Parent Hub Live #4- Building a team of support for your kids.Thanks for joining us today! As a recap, here are the five steps you can start TODAY to build a team of support for your kid(s): 1. INVESTIGATEWho are the people who are already influencers in your kid's life? Who would make a great teammate?2. INVITEWho needs to know that you (or your child!) considers him/her one of five key influences in your child or teenager's life? Who would make a great teammate and just needs to be asked?3. INVESTGot your teammates? Invest in them! Your kid needs champions. Love them well. Support them. And then, invest in your kid...together! Learn and grow together. Everyone wins when you all get better.4. INFLUENCEAs you maintain these relationships and make them a priority, you will be a force against all that works to overwhelm, undermine, and destroy your child's chance to know the God who has shown we were all worth dying for.5. REPEATPhases change, school years change, people move, your kids' interests change, people leave...you get the picture. Stay aware. And keep refreshing the team.

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