A recent report gave some startling insights about the tension between parents and their kids involving the use of technology. According to the report that was highlighted by the Washington Post, “Of the parents surveyed, 77 percent feel teens get distracted by devices and don’t pay attention when they are together and 41 percent of teens say the same about their parents.”

I have a confession! As a parent reading this article, perhaps the most challenging aspect was having to hold up the mirror to see my own use of technology. While parents in this study were clear to highlight the negative impact of technology was having on their kids, their own kids were also feeling the tension of disconnected technology addicted parents.

What kind of role model am I? While it’s always easy to point to others who are far worse than me, I have to admit, I need to be a better role model for my kids when it comes to using technology.

What about you? If you could be gut-wrenchingly honest for moment, are there some changes you need to make personally?

Take a look at the article for some practical tips of how to talk to your child about technology and how to create helpful boundaries for the whole family.

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