What we are learning: Stepping Up*
There are moments in life where we have two choices: either step up to the opportunity or step back and miss it altogether. This was exactly where a man named Joshua found himself in the Old Testament. Joshua didn’t just believe in God, He believed God was there with him and that gave him a boldness to step up. Through his story, we will talk about how students can learn to step up and reach the potential God has for them.

Starting a conversation:
1) What is one way you can trust God this week with something you are worried or afraid about?
2) On week 3 (March 18 & 19) we will be challenging your student to identify a specific way to step up. Ask your student about their challenge and encourage them to live it out.

*Series purchased from XP3 MS of The reThink Group, Inc.

Teaching Vidoes:
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Week 1:

Stepping Up1_MSM March 5 from Hope HSM on Vimeo.

Week 2:

Stepping Up2_MSM March 12 from Hope HSM on Vimeo.

Week 3:

Stepping Up3_MSM March 19 from Hope HSM on Vimeo.