Do you often feel like your student is always face-first on their phone? According to GenZ research by Google*, getting a smart phone is now a more signficant life event to most teenagers than even getting a license or graduating high school. A big part of that is social media, and that is why we are tackling this topic head on.
* Gen Z Study

What we are learning: No Filter
Two goals of this series is to give your students a safe place to talk about social media and to encourage them to think wisely when posting & interacting on social media. We realize not all students are on social media yet, so we will also be encouraging students to apply the following three main points to their life as a whole: 1) It’s better for you to get your worth from God than from likes. 2) It’s better to build people up than to tear them down. 3) It is better to be cautious than to be foolish.

Starting a conversation:
1) What are some pros and some cons about social media?
2) How do you determine if it’s wise to post something on social media or not?

Week 1 Video
Password: msmleader

MSM Wk1_NoFilter from Hope HSM on Vimeo.

Week 2 Video
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Teaching_Video_2_NoFilter_XP3MS from Hope HSM on Vimeo.

Week 3 Video
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Teaching_Video_3_NoFilter_XP3MS from Hope HSM on Vimeo.

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