MSM SG Series Sept 16-Oct8
What We Are Learning:
Sometimes we can feel like we are completely invisible to others. We may be invisible to others, but the good news is Jesus sees us. First we are going to talk about how Jesus sees us, knows us, and loves us. Then we are going to talk about how we can live like Him and love the “invisible” people in our worlds. There are people all around us who we treat as invisible. But once we realize how God has seen us, our vision should change. How can we begin to see the people in our lives every day that may normally go overlooked? How can we see the people halfway around the world that go unnoticed? What can we do to love the invisible people the way God loved us?

Starting a Conversation:
1) Who are some people that might feel “invisible” in our world? (cashier in the grocery store, school janitor, etc.)
2) What can we do as a family to show these people God’s love?