Middle School Small Group Series Aug 13-20th
Many people think that the worst things to plague teenagers in America are things like sexting, pot, teenage pregnancy, etc. The funny thing is that these things themselves aren’t the plague. What “plagues” teenagers, and people of all ages for that matter, is our desires. We can let our desires lead us down some harmful OR wonderful roads. It all comes down to how we seek to fulfill these desires. Does your middle school students desire to be loved lead them to send an inappropriate text to someone else or does it lead them to go spend more time with you as a family? Middle school students often don’t really think about the process of how their desires are leading them or where their desires are leading them. It’s not their fault, their brain is still majorly developing in the area of decision making. This whole series of “Wanted” we want to look into desires and how God can fulfill them. A lot of things in this world only temporarily satisfy us, but God can fully satisfy our deep desires. This will push your students to “flex a growing muscle” so processing this further with them at home can really help them grow!

Starting a Conversation:
1) Read Psalm 37:3-5 together. Ask, “How can God give us our heart’s desires?”
2) Together, take a few minutes to “delight in the Lord” together. Maybe sing to a worship song you love or make a list of things you can thank and praise God for in your lives.