Splink 1:

The Price is TOO High

Announce a fun event (movie night, ice cream run, etc.) and then announce that anyone who wants to participate must bring a certain amount of money (an amount bigger than they could pay). Talk about how the price has to be paid when they express disappointment. Finally, pull out your wallet and pay the amount that is needed for each one.

Sometimes we use everyday situations to help us understand bigger ideas.

God said a price had to be paid for sin and there was no way we could pay for our own sins. There was only One who could pay the high price—Jesus, who had no sin.  

How did Jesus redeem us? Out of love, Jesus came to the earth to give up His life to pay the price for our sins. What an amazing sacrifice He made for us!


Splink 2:

Who Paid?

To help your kids understand the concept of redemption, give each child a gift card to spend. Take them to the store (or restaurant if it’s from a restaurant) to let them “redeem” it. Explain to them that they were able to spend it and buy what they wanted because you paid the price. You already paid the price so they could benefit.


How does this (in a very small way) give us an idea of what Jesus did for us on the cross? (He paid the price for our sin so we could have salvation.)

Ruth was extremely poor with no money. God made a way for poor people to be taken care of in Israel. A person in their family (a kinsman redeemer) could pay the needed money to take that person into their own family and care for her. Boaz (a kinsman redeemer) paid the price to redeem Ruth and make her part of his family and care for her. Just as Ruth had no way to buy the family’s property, we had no way to pay the price God required for sin. Jesus is our kinsman redeemer.


Splink 3:

All are Welcome

Make a family tree. (There are many templates on Pinterest.)

Work together to make a tree and add in the name of the different family members. (This would be a good time to tell stories of your family’s history.) You can make it simple or elaborate according to the ages of your kids and your or their interest.

A family tree shows the members of one’s family before and after us. Ruth’s family tree reached all the way to Jesus. Even though Ruth was not a Jew or a part of God’s chosen people, she was welcomed into Boaz’s family and eventually became the great-grandmother of King David and the great, great, great, great, great (lots of greats) grandmother of Jesus. God welcomes all people into His family!

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