Parent Cue:
For the next four weeks we are going to focus on some doctrine about different forms of God, specifically the Trinity and the Church. God is beyond our understanding. The Three Forms, or Persons, are individual yet work together in complete harmony: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. To help your middle school concrete-thinkers understand this abstract thought we will be repeating a metaphor of how water is like the Trinity. Ice is a solid, something you can see – like Jesus. Steam is harder to see, kind of like God as our Father. And water can flow through us, kind of like the Holy Spirit. Three forms, but at its core all one. We’ll also talk bout how God also calls the church His body.

Starting a Conversation:
1) What do you know about the Trinity? Which form of God do you relate to the best, why?
2) How can people see God through His church? What’s one way this month we could show others God’s love?