What We Are Learning: Game Plan
Too often we can be trapped in a “me” bubble and miss the people around us. During the next four weeks we are going to talk about how loving others with joy is a part of God’s game plan for our lives. Just like a coach has a game plan for the team to win a game, God has a game plan for our lives that can be summed up in one word: LOVE. Love goes one step further. Love inspires us to act. We follow Jesus’ example for us when we love and serve others.

Starting a Conversation:
1) Each week we will be highlighting a way students can serve at Hope (no – your middle school students aren’t too young to serve!) If your student isn’t already serving, check out https://gethope.net/serve/ together and see if you can find a place for them. If your student is serving, affirm them in what they are doing!

2) What’s one way as a family we can share love with others? Let’s hit the road to do it this month!