Apparently anxiety was a problem way back when Time Magazine ran this cover in 1961. The covered featured the now-familiar Edvard Munch painting known as “The Scream.” Interestingly enough, Munch painted this way back in 1893. I guess that proves that paralyzing and scream-inducing anxiety has been around for quite some time. Reading the Old Testament would prove the same thing.

Sadly, it seems that in today’s world anxiety has reached epidemic proportions. If we were to take some time to unpack the realities of present-day anxiety, we would quickly see that it’s not really something that’s happening to us. Rather, it’s something we’re doing to ourselves. Our misplaced priorities, lack of sabbath and rest, our push to build our brand, our efforts to be bigger and better, and our desire to get ahead. . . well, all these things are combining in a perfect-storm that is devastating and even deadly.

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Source: CPYU[/column]