What We’re Learning: Jesus in His Own Words
Sept 9-30, 2018
Anyone who has heard the name of Jesus has an opinion of who He is. Some people think He is a myth, some think He was a good person, and others see Him as God. Whose opinion is right? We
are going to focus on the red letters, that is Jesus’ own words. In this series we are going to look at
what Jesus said about Himself. Jesus wants us to know who He is and why He came down to earth. Jesus is good. Jesus is life. And Jesus is so much more. Our view of who Jesus really is impacts our lives everyday. The more students know the truth about Jesus, the more they’ll be drawn into a relationship with Him with their whole heart.

Starting A Conversation:
Keep the conversation going at home:
1) In your own words, who is Jesus to you?
2) How can I encourage you in your relationship with Jesus?

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