What We’re Learning Oct 14-21: The Bible Filter
Social media is such a big part of students’ lives and we want to give them a safe place to talk about social media and to encourage them to think wisely when interacting online. On Instagram and Snapchat we have different filters – Lo Fi, Hefe, adding dog ears or butterflies, the list goes on. What if before students posted or commented on someone’s post, they ran it through a Bible filter? What if they followed Biblical wisdom when choosing who they followed on social media? Our main goal in this series is to get students to ask themselves: How can I filter my social media posts through God’s Word? We also want students to know that it’s better for them to get their worth from God than from their likes.

Starting a Conversation:
1) What are pros of social media? Cons?
2) Before you post, how can you ask yourself: How can I filter my posts through God’s Word?

Further Resources:
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