MSM Small Group Teaching Series April 2019

What We’re Learning:

Jesus was a man who died thousands of years ago, but His story doesn’t end there. Jesus was also God’s son and He conquered death and is alive today.  In fact, as Christians our lives can be built around a single purpose: Because Jesus lives. Because Jesus lives, our relationship with God can be restored. Because Jesus lives, we love and serve others. Because Jesus lives, we praise Him.  Because Jesus lives, we wait with purpose for His return. It’s all because Jesus lives.

Starting A Conversation:

1) Come up with some of your own “because Jesus lives” statements as a family and put them somewhere you’ll see them as reminders. (Ex: Because Jesus lives, we forgive each other. Because Jesus lives, we go to church as a family. Because Jesus lives, we pray every night before we go to sleep).

2) Who can your family invite to sit with you at Easter?

Please note we will NOT have MSM SG services on Easter weekend. We encourage MSM students to sit with their families in the main Easter Services.

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