The Biggest Eraser

Item Needed: erasable writing board (toy, white board, dry erase markers on the shower wall)

Write a message, and then do what is necessary to erase what was written.

Students using D6 Curriculum this week studied about Zacchaeus and his efforts to seek out Jesus. Ultimately Zacchaeus recognized his sin and his need for a Savior.

What is sin? (Any thought, attitude or action against God)

A sin is more than a mistake. A mistake is a misspelled word or spilling your milk at dinner. A sin is against God. Sometimes they are actions (stealing, lying, murder, etc.), but sometimes they are thoughts or attitudes (pride, jealousy, selfishness, etc.)

Write a sin that you have done on the writing tablet.

Who has sinned? (All have sinned – Romans 3:23)

We’ve all sinned and we can’t get rid of our sins by ourselves; we need help. We need a Savior who can erase our sins.

Erase the word you wrote to indicate that the “sin” is gone.

When we ask Him, God will erase our sins and won’t even remember them. (Hebrews 10:17)

Jesus’ death on the cross made it possible for us to have our sins erased. Easter might be over, but we need to keep celebrating God’s great big love for us and the wonderful gift of having our sins erased.

Breaking News!

A close look at the familiar story of Zacchaeus explores the gift of mercy in acceptance from Jesus Christ. Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector who had money, possessions, and power, but one thing he didn’t have was acceptance. Because of his reputation, everyone dreaded an encounter with Zacchaeus. This makes his encounter with Jesus even more meaningful. When Jesus called to Zacchaeus from his perch in the sycamore tree, his life was forever changed. With that simple command to come down out of the tree, Jesus brought salvation, mercy, and acceptance to Zacchaeus.

Have fun with your family imagining about that day and what the people in the town must have thought by Zacchaeus climbing the tree or Jesus going to his home for a visit. Encourage family members to act as newscasters (holding pretend microphones, of course) or developing headlines to tell of the events.

Be sure to end by praying and expressing thanks for the wonderful gift of a merciful Savior.

Hide & Seek

Play a game of Hide & Seek together and be sure each family member gets a turn to be the “seeker.” Talk about the best and worst places to hide.

When Zacchaeus was seeking Jesus, he didn’t have to worry about Jesus hiding. Jesus was coming to the town to teach people and always welcomed others to talk with Him. But Zacchaeus did climb up in the tree to get a better view of Jesus because he really wanted to see Jesus as He passed by. Imagine Zacchaeus’ surprise when Jesus saw him and told him to get down. It might have been like our surprise when we were found in our game of Hide & Seek.

When Jesus found Zacchaeus and spent time with him, Zacchaeus’ life was forever changed. He was seeking for a good spot to see Jesus and he ended up finding a Savior.

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