The Only Way

Items Needed: A ticket or invitation to a special family event for each person in the family. Each person must have a unique ticket with his or her name on it.

Pass out the tickets and describe the event. (Family outing, special dessert night, vacation, etc.)

The only way to get this treat (attend this event) is to present this ticket. Nobody can experience it without this ticket.

How does it make you feel that you have this ticket? Would you be sad if everyone else got a ticket but you did not get one?

Let’s talk about something else that is much more special than our trip to the ice cream shop. There is only one way to experience it too. Let’s look at some verses from the Bible and learn more now.

Read Ephesians 2:8-9 and Romans 6:23.

What is the payment for our sin? (Death; separation from God)

Can we do enough good works to get to Heaven? (No)

What is God’s gift? (Eternal life; salvation; forgiveness; etc.)

God is generous and has made a way for each of us to go to Heaven. We can’t pay enough money to buy our entrance into Heaven. We can’t do enough good works to get into Heaven. The only way we can go to Heaven is by believing in what Jesus has already done—He died on the cross and came alive again.

What did you have to do to get the ticket I gave you? (Receive it)

What do you have to do to get God’s gift? (Receive it)

***Be sensitive to your child’s readiness and be prepared to share more about the gift of salvation (the only way to spend forever with God) during this special time together.

Lucky Guess?

Provide a container filled with pennies, buttons, small candies, or some other item that is easily counted. Encourage family members to guess the amount. Announce a prize for anyone who correctly guesses. Then count the items together and see if any of the guesses was indeed correct. It is unlikely you will get a correct response, but if you do, celebrate it. There was only ONE correct response. We all counted them together, so the correct answer is known.

There is only one right way to answer to give for that activity but other things we do in life can be correctly done in more than one way. For example, we can get from here to Grandma’s house many different ways.  We can eat our noodles in many different ways.  But there is only ONE way to spend forever with God. Jesus is the ONLY way.

Read John 14:6.  This verse reminds us that Jesus is the way to God—nobody gets to spend forever with Him unless they accept the way Jesus provided when He died on the cross for our sins.

Pray together and thank God for providing a way to Him through Jesus. Be sensitive to questions your kids may have about salvation and readiness they exhibit to take the next step in understanding or accepting Jesus as Savior.

Family Art Gallery

Items needed: assorted art supplies depending on the ages of your kids.

Encourage each family member to create a piece of artwork that illustrates something your family loves to do together. Designate the front of the refrigerator or a section of wall to display these creations once they are completed.  Provide time today or over the next several days for the masterpieces to be created. Once they are finished allow each person to show his or her artwork and describe it. Talk about the fact that there were many different ways to do this assignment. There was not ONE right way to do it.

Even though we all chose to create something in our own way, we need to remember that some things need to be done a certain way.

Read Romans 3:23.  We know the Bible is true. So what does this verse teach us about our standing before God? How many of us are without sin? (All of us sin.)

Because we all sin, we need to accept Jesus’s gift of salvation because He is the ONLY way to spend forever with God and escape the punishment we all deserve.

Pray together thanking God for salvation and asking Him to reveal His way to friends and family who do not know Him yet.

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