MSM SG Parent Cue July 20 – August 11, 2019

What We’re Learning: Switch
Have you ever thought about how many times a day you switch things on or off? The lights, your phone, etc. Sometimes it’s really hard to keep our faith switched “on” all the time. Sometimes things like guilt, doubt, judgment, even our feelings can become so big that they actually “turn off” our faith. Kind of like a switch. Guilt. Doubt. Judgment. We’ll take a look at the life of Peter—a man who is known today as having great faith in God—because when Peter wrestled with these things, he found a way to let each of those things switch his faith “on” instead of switching it “off.”

Starting A Conversation:
It can feel vulnerable to admit, but it’s ok to admit when we struggle with faith. What experiences or questions do you have that can “turn you off” from faith in Jesus? (Parents, lead vulnerability by example by sharing briefly one of these things you’ve walked through).
How can you turn to Jesus to “turn on” your faith while working through these experiences or questions? (Parents, share an example of how you did this).

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