Splinks for the week of January 12-18, 2020

Jump, I’ll catch you!

To demonstrate faith, ask your child to do a simple thing and come through for him/her. (For example: Stand at the bottom of the stairs and ask him/her to jump into your arms from a few steps up or stand in the pool and ask him/her to jump into your arms.)

Why did you jump? Did you believe I would catch you? (Of course!)

What does it mean to have faith in someone? (To believe that he will do what he says)

To have faith in God means that we believe in Him and what He has said.


Items Needed: two nearly identical cans (vegetables or fruits)

When the kids aren’t looking, carefully swap the labels on the cans. Ask them to help you prepare a meal or snack. Put the cans on the kitchen counter and ask them to pick which one they want. Open the can to reveal its contents.

Were you surprised to find _ inside? Why? (It said something different on the label)

We expect that the outside of the can should match the inside. If we say that we have faith in Jesus, our actions should match our words. Our lives should model true faith in God.

Faith in What?

Hop on the kitchen table and say:

I think this table will take us to the store. Hop on. Do you believe that? Why not? Encourage your kids to respond.

It would be silly to believe that this table would get us to the store.

Go outside to the car and say:

I think this car will take us to the store. Do you? Why? (It runs well; it has taken us lots of places before; it has proven itself reliable; etc.)

This would be a great time for a trip to the store for something needed—or maybe a treat.

Say something like this:

It is important where we put our faith. It is not enough to just believe. Faith must be in a reliable source. Some people put their faith in things or false gods that will NOT get them to Heaven.

How do we know that God is reliable? (He has told us about Himself in the Bible; He sent Jesus to the earth to show us what He is like; millions of people over hundreds of years have put their faith in Him and we have their word that He is reliable; etc.)

Pray with your family and thank God for being reliable and totally worthy of your faith and trust.

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