What We’re Learning: We Are Young
Some adults look down on middle school students. Let’s be honest, many middle school students look down on themselves. Timothy was a young Christian that Paul believed in so much he wrote him letters to encourage him, which became books in the Bible! We believe in middle school students and more importantly, so does God. By studying Paul’s words to Timothy in the Bible, we hope middle school students will believe that they are difference makers through the power of God’s Spirit.

How do I lead my student through this lesson at home?
Grab a Bible, watch the video together and go through the below modified at-home discussion guide anytime you like OR play our online game and watch live with us Sunday at 10:35am on our MSM Facebook Page. We also have the original small group material here if you’d prefer that format.

Special Needs Families:
Click here for this week’s modified lesson guide

Wk 1: May 23 & 24 – Prove It

  • Main Point: If you want to make a difference, prove you can.
  • Main Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:12 & 15
  • Gospel Moment: Jesus sees a lot of potential in you; when you were at your WORST, Jesus died to redeem you.


  1. What are some ways adults look down on middle school students?
  2. Who can share a time where an adult believed in you?
  3. What difference did that make to you?
  4. Is there another middle school student you look up to?
  5. READ 1 TIMOTHY 4:12. What are the 5 different ways Paul said Timothy could set an example?
  6. Together, come up with 2 different ways to live out each example from Paul’s list:
    1. We can be an example in what we say by:
      (1)_____________________________________ (2)_____________________________________
    2. We can be an example in how we live by:
      (1)_____________________________________ (2)_____________________________________
    3. We can be an example in how we love by:
      (1)_____________________________________ (2)_____________________________________
    4. We can be an example in our faith by:
      (1)_____________________________________ (2)_____________________________________
  7. READ 1 TIMOTHY 4:15.
  8. In your own words, what is this Bible verse saying?
  9. How can we apply this verse to our own lives?


Encourage your student(s) to pick 1 or 2 of the examples your group listed above to live out this week.

Ask your student(s) to share their prayer requests and close your time together in prayer.

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