One of our most popular posts from a few summers ago was a list of prayers for special-needs families. We’ve continued to share it each summer to encourage families, but since this summer is unlike any other we’ve ever experienced, we thought we needed an updated version of our summers prayers!

As you read them, know that we truly are praying these over you and your family. You aren’t alone!

For schedule-driven kids who get peace from familiarity and feel anxiety in the chaos, we pray for comfort.

For parents trying to fit in work-from-home hours around their children’s needs and parents experiencing job loss or furloughs, we pray for opportunities and provision.

For typical siblings who adjust their plans around the extra needs of their brothers and sisters, we pray for patience.

For those traveling and those able to get out at this time, we pray for protection.

For those who feel they are missing out, for those looking at friends’ vacation pictures and feeling jealous, for those saying no to invitations to picnics and beach trips because it’s just too much trouble, for those feeling trapped by the four walls of their houses, we pray for contentment.

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Source: Special Needs Parenting- Key Ministry

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