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Parents- This week we encourage you to: 

    1. Watch the video (linked below) with your child.
    2. Use the discussion questions immediately following the video to unpack the lesson with your child!
    3. Use the Activity/GodTime pages (linked below) to generate more activities and discussion opportunities.

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GodTime: Use the page(s) that is most appropriate for your child.

Modified Curriculum


Bottom Line: Choose your friends carefully.

Memory Verse: “A friend loves at all times. They are there to help when trouble comes.” Proverbs 17:17 (NIrV)

Life App: Friendship—Using your words and actions to show others you care

Key Question: What makes someone a good friend?

  • What makes someone a good friend?
  • Why do we sometimes put up with bad friends or choose to be friends with someone who isn’t a good friend back to us?
  • What makes choosing friends carefully so difficult?
  • What kind of friend are you? What kind of friend do you want to be?
  • God made you for a purpose, and you can work together with others to grow closer to God.  What would your relationship with God look like if you have good friends?  What would it look like if you had bad friends?
  • How do we love people like God loves us, but still be wise in our relationships?


We encourage you to take time to together pray as a family.

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