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For parents

Bible Story: Jesus loves me, no matter what. The Thankful Woman • Luke 7:36-50

Memory Verse: “A friend loves at all times.” Proverbs 17:17, NIrV

Key Question: Who loves you?

Bottom Line: Jesus loves you.

Basic Truth: I am loved by God no matter what so I can be confident that God knows who I am.


“‘A friend (hook your pointer fingers together) loves (hug yourself) at all times,’ (stretch your arms out and turn in a circle) Proverbs 17:17.” (Open hands like a book.)


Read the following story out loud. When you come to the bolded words, have your kid make a SAD, HAPPY, or ANGRY face.

“One day, a woman walked in where Jesus and some other people were eating. The woman had made a lot of wrong choices and was very SAD (pause and look around) about it. The woman wanted to thank Jesus for loving her, no matter what, so she poured perfume on Him. She washed His feet with her tears then dried them with her hair. This made Jesus HAPPY (pause and look around) because He knew she was really sorry for making wrong choices. But . . . the other people didn’t like the woman because of her wrong choices. When they saw her, they got very ANGRY. (Pause and look around.) They wanted her to leave. Did Jesus make the woman leave? (Pause.) No! Jesus loved the woman, no matter what, and told her that she was forgiven. This made her very HAPPY.(Pause and look around. Repeat if time allows.)  

“We should be HAPPY too because Jesus loves us, no matter what. Show me your HAPPY face because Jesus loves you. Who loves you? [Bottom Line] Jesus loves me!”

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