What We’re Learning: Him + Her

During the teenage phase, what’s repeated is what’s remembered. This is why Student Ministry provides an annual series on temptation with emphasis on dating, sexuality and relationships.  The goal of this series is to empower students to navigate relationships, attraction and sex with a foundation in God’s Word.

We are equipping you earlier with the whole series and even some extra resources so you can see what we are teaching and even (if you choose) go over this information at home with your student. We hope these equip you for healthy, ongoing conversations within your home.

Series Topic: Moral Boundaries

Week 1: Week of MARCH 7, 2021*

*HSM Campus Pastors have the option to choose between their groups going through this week’s curriculum OR having a Party Break week to hang out, have fun, and emphasize student inviting friends. Talk to your HSM Campus Pastor or student’s small group leader to learn which choice your student’s small group is taking.

Small Groups are really THE BEST way to get connected with other high school students to hang out and grow closer to Jesus. Small groups are the place where a BIG church becomes personal, everyone is known, and everyone belongs while studying the Bible together! If your student isn’t connected in a small group yet, click here to register them for your campus.


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