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For parents

Bible Story: Jesus is alive!  Easter • Matthew 26:20-30; 27:45-50; 28:1-7

Memory Verse: “How wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.” Ephesians 3:18, NIV

Key Question: Who wants to be your friend forever?

Bottom Line: Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Basic Truth: I am loved by God no matter what so I can belong in God’s family forever.

Memory Verse Motions:

“How wide (hold arms out wide) 

and long (raise one hand high and hold one hand low) 

and high (jump) 

and deep (crouch) 

is the love (hug yourself) 

of Christ,” (point up) 

Ephesians 3:18. (Open hands like a book.)



Lead your kid in doing the following actions as you retell the Bible story.

  1. Sit and pretend to eat.
  2. Stand up and run-in-place.
  3. Ball up on the floor.
  4. Count to three then everyone jumps up with hands in the air.
  5. Cheer for Jesus.

Tell the story: “Our Bible story began with Jesus eating with His friends, the disciples. Let’s pretend to eat together. (Sit and pretend to eat.) While they ate, Jesus told His friends that He had to go away but He would come back.

“Later, Jesus and His friends were in a garden and some mean people came and took Jesus away. Jesus’ friends were so scared that they ran away. Everyone, stand up and run-in-place. (Run-in-place.) 

“Ok, stop running. The mean people hurt Jesus so badly that He died. Jesus’ friends buried Him in a tomb. Everyone, ball up on the floor like this. (Ball up on the floor.) A big stone was rolled in front of the tomb so no one could go in and no one could come out. Jesus’ friends were very sad.

“Now, when I count to three, I want everyone to jump up with your hands in the air. Listen for me to say three. Got it? Ok, Jesus was buried in the tomb, but on the third day, Jesus came back! One . . . two . . . THREE! (Jump up with hands in the air.) Jesus is alive!

“Jesus’ friends were so happy that Jesus is alive! Let’s cheer for Jesus because we are happy Jesus is alive, too! (Walk in a circle as you cheer for Jesus.) Yay, Jesus! Yay, Jesus! Yay, Jesus!” (Repeat if desired.)

Say: “Jesus is alive, and He wants to be YOUR friend forever. That’s why when I ask you, ‘Who wants to be your friend forever?’, you say [Bottom Line] ‘Jesus wants to be my friend forever.’ Ready? Let me hear you! Who wants to be your friend forever? [Bottom Line] Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Yay! [Bottom Line] Jesus wants to be my friend forever.”

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