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For parents

Bible Story: We can trust God’s plan. JerichoJoshua 5:13–6:27

Memory Verse: “I trust in God. I am not afraid.” Psalm 56:11, NIrV

Key Question: Who can trust God?

Bottom Line: I can trust God.

Basic Truth: I am loved by God no matter what so I can trust God to guide me.


I (point thumbs to chest) 

trust in God (point up). 

I am not afraid (cross hands back and forth and shake head),” 

Psalm 56:11. (Open hands like a book.)



  • Ask: What was our story about today? Joshua trusted God’s plan and did what God told him to do. God asked him to march around the city of Jericho seven times and then blow their trumpets, then the walls fell down.
  • Act out the story by building a wall with your kid out of whatever you have on hand. March around what you’ve built seven times and on the seventh time pretend to blow your trumpets. Knock the wall down! Repeat as interest allows.
  • Say: Who can trust God? I can trust God!

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