MSM Small Group Teaching Series Nov 10-Nov 25

What We’re Learning:
What’s the last thing you asked Siri or Google? We are all asking questions all the time. We may be ashamed to ask our questions about God, but really we shouldn’t be. A natural part of owning and growing in our faith is wrestling with questions. We’ve taken the top three BIG questions students have asked recently and are going to talk about them. Questions like, “Why can’t I see God?” and “How come other religions exist and how do we know that Christianity is the right one?” These aren’t just questions to ask Siri, they are so BIG we need to see what the Bible say to say.

Starting a Conversation:
1) What questions do you have about God?
2) Look for the answers together! You may be able to answer your students question, or you may have no idea how to answer it. You don’t need to know all the answers, but looking for the answer you can model to your student how to look through the Bible or ask Christian mentors to find answers. We’ve answered the top 11 questions from students on YouTube here Watch and talk about these with your student.

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