What We’re Learning: Gospel of Matthew
After HUNDREDS of years of silence, God speaks through the writing of the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus decides to come down and show us what it means to truly live a life that not only prioritizes God, but shows us what it means to place Him at the center of everything. Through reading the Gospel of Matthew we learn:

  • Jesus wants more than the bare-minimum; He raises the bar in the Sermon on the Mount.
  • Jesus expands what ‘family’ means to include our faith family as well.
  • Discipleship is not a one-time YES to Jesus, it’s a lifelong journey.

How do I lead my student through this lesson at home?
Grab a Bible, watch the video together and go through the below modified at-home discussion guide anytime you like OR play our online game and watch live with us Sunday at 10:35am on our MSM Facebook Page. We are sharing a Gospel invitation during this lesson, we have a Go5pel Guide on how to walk your student through accepting a life-long relationship with Jesus. We also have the original small group material here if you’d prefer that format.

Small Group Leader Guide:
You can access original small group material

Special Needs Ministry Modified MSM Curriculum:
You can access the full modified curriculum here.


1. Why do you think Jesus draws the line (of sin/judgment/disobedience) so far back from how the Law was written?

2. What are some things – maybe even 1 way – you can grow in your relationship with Jesus in this COVID time? What specifically are you going to do?

WEEK 1: RAISE THE BAR – March 21 & 22

  • Main Point: Jesus wants more than the bare-minimum; He raises the bar in the Sermon on the Mount.
  • Main Scripture: Matthew 5 


  1. Why do you think people do the bare-minimum when it comes to following Jesus?
  2. Do you think following Jesus should be taken as seriously as getting A’s in school or playing travel sports? Why or why not?
  3. Why do you think Jesus raises the bar when it comes to sin?

READ Matthew 6:24 and answer the following questions:

  1. Read that verse again, but leave the ‘money’ word blank. Ask students “what would you put in that blank instead of the word ‘money’? What is something you put as a higher priority than God?
  2. Would you say you prioritize following Jesus at the same level as school or sports? If not, what is holding you back?
  3. Do you agree that at lot of us try to get as close to ‘sin’ as possible? Do you think this is a good way to live? Why or why not?
  4. What are some ways we can start to prioritize our relationship with God, even when we don’t feel like it?

What are action steps you can take at home this week to keep God as your number one priority? One idea is to spend 10 minutes a day reading God’s word. We have this 21 day reading plan for Matthew for you to jump in if you haven’t completed it yet. If you have finished, pick another book of the Bible to read.

Jesus did more than the bare-minimum for us. He actually gave up everything for us, even His life He gave up everything for us on the cross so our relationship with God can be restored and when we believe in Him as our God and Savior, we are gaining eternal life with God. This is the most important thing for us to understand: it not only effects our life, but our afterlife. If you don’t know that you know you are going to heaven today, you can believe and pray right now! (More details on Go5pel guide)

Ask your student(s) to share their prayers requests and close your time together in prayer.