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For parents

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For kids – Online Experience Video

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For parents


Say the key passage using motions. Repeat several times and encourage children for trying.

SAY • “Yet he himself (reach up with one hand) bore our sicknesses (reach up the other hand) …; punishment for our peace was on him (make a cross with arms in front), and we (thumbs to chest) are healed (elbow in) by his wounds (point fingers towards each other)” Isaiah 53:4-5 (open hands like a book).


Show the Bible story picture as you ask the following questions. Retell parts of the Bible story as needed.

How many men asked Jesus to help them? (ten)

Why did the men need Jesus’ help? (They had a skin disease.)

What did Jesus tell the men to do? (show themselves to the priest)

What happened as the men went to the priest? (Jesus healed ten men with a skin disease.)

What did one man do that no one else did? (went back to thank Jesus and give praise to God)

SAY • Ten men cried out to Jesus, asking Him to heal them of a skin disease. Jesus told them to go show themselves to the priest. As they went to the priest, they were healed. Only one man went back to thank Jesus. This man had faith and was saved. When we trust in Jesus, He heals us from something greater than a disease; He saves us from our sin. We can thank God and worship Him for making us new.


Ask children if they have anything they would like to pray for.

SAY • God, thank you for healing the men with the skin disease. You gave them a new life where they did not have to stay away from people anymore. You heal us from something greater than a skin disease. You save us from our sin. Make us like the man who came back and thanked Jesus. We thank you for making us new. Amen.

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