Splink 1:

Amazing Metamorphosis

Watch an amazing 4-minute video about the butterfly’s metamorphosis.

Here’s a shorter 2-minute one for non-readers:

What does metamorphosis mean? (To change, such as the change from a caterpillar to a butterfly) When the caterpillar appears from the chrysalis, it doesn’t look anything like a caterpillar. Instead it is a beautiful butterfly!

How did Jacob change from the time he ran away from his family to the time he was returning to meet his brother, Esau? (He was humble; he depended on God; he had lots of family and animals; etc.)

Jacob was a changed man when he returned to his father’s house. God even changed Jacob’s name to Israel, which means a prince with God. Jacob had 12 sons and they became the leaders of the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel. God was working on the inside of Jacob to transform (change) him into a better person—one who was more like God.

Splink 2:

You’ve Changed!

Look through the picture books (or look at family pictures online) and spot the changes.

As you are looking, ask questions:

Do you see any changes?

How have you changed?

We see physical changes in pictures, but what are some other kinds of changes? (Change in characteristics—is someone more loving, more kind, more joyful, more patient, etc.)

Read Ephesians 5:22-23 to see some of the qualities God wants us to have—love, joy, peace, patience, etc.

God is working inside us by His Holy Spirit to change us to be more like Jesus.




Splink: 3You Look Different

Pair up family members and ask them to stand back to back. Tell them to change one thing—take off glasses, put hair behind ear, put hat on backwards, etc. They are to turn and look at each other and try to spot what the other person changed. Do this several times and with different partners.


Was it easy or hard to spot the change?

God wants to make changes in us—not in looks, but in the way we act.

What changes do you think God might want to make in us?

God could make Jacob the father of a great nation because of the changes in him. As we allow Him, God wants to change us to look more like Jesus, so He can do great things through us.






Source: Splink from D6 Family


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