Splinks for the week of December 8-14, 2019

Tumbling Down

Items Needed: Blocks

Instruct each family member (or do partners) to build a tower or building with blocks. After the towers are built, allow someone to pull out one of the lower blocks from each tower. (The tower should tumble down.)

What happened when we pulled out the block? One thing caused another. There are results when we do certain things. When we make wrong choices we can expect results that show judgment on those choices. Even if nothing bad happens right away, sin always brings bad consequences or results. God judges sin but freely offers forgiveness when we repent and turn away from it.

Learn From It

Remind you family of the story of Judah and Israel from Isaiah 24.

We can learn from others’ mistakes For example, we don’t have to burn ourselves to learn not to touch a hot stove. We can learn from our parent’s instruction, “Don’t touch the stove!” When we see how the Israelites followed false gods and suffered bad consequences, we can hopefully follow God’s ways more closely.

What happened to Israel and Judah because they refused to obey God? Encourage response. Even though God had miraculously brought His people, Israel, out of a terrible situation in Egypt where they had suffered for hundreds of years, they wanted their own way. They chose to turn their backs on Him and follow other gods.

What can we learn from their mistakes? Encourage responses.

When we see how God judged their sin, we are reminded to repent of our sin. We can thank and celebrate Jesus for His great mercy in taking the punishment we deserved. Lead your family in a prayer of thankfulness for the mercy God showed when judgment was deserved.

Domino Effect

Enjoy some creative fun setting up domino displays and watching them systematically fall after pushing the first one over. The size of the display will depend on the amount of dominos you have access to and the age of your kids.

Isn’t it fun to watch the dominos fall over in such a pattern when the first one starts the process? Well we need to remember that sometimes bad choices set that domino effect into motion too and then it isn’t as fun to watch.

When we choose to sin against God, we are choosing to be knocked down by His judgment and punishment just like a domino in the line. But we can be so thankful that Jesus loves us enough that He provides mercy for us and stops the slap of judgment if we seek His forgiveness and accept His gift of mercy.

Read James 2:13 and 1 John 4:8.

As sure as we can depend on the dominos to fall, we can depend on God’s judgment for sin—and on His mercy for those who repent.

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