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Special Needs Ministry Modified Elementary Curriculum:

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Help kids open their Bibles to Luke 2. Explain that when Mary and Joseph dedicated Jesus, they took Him to the temple in Jerusalem. Read aloud Luke 2:27-31.

Ask the following questions:

How did Simeon and Anna respond after seeing Jesus? When Simeon saw Jesus, he praised God because he recognized that God was going to use Jesus to save people. Anna also thanked God for sending Jesus. Simeon and Anna worshiped Jesus as the Messiah they had been waiting for.

 Why should we trust Jesus to save us? Who can we share that good news with? Help kids understand that no matter how hard they try to obey; they will always make mistakes. Only Jesus is perfect. Jesus never sinned and because of that He is the only one that can take the punishment for our sin. Jesus makes a way for us to have a relationship with God. We can’t earn that relationship. It is a free gift. That is amazing news! Ask kids to discuss people who they can share that good news with.

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