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What did Simeon and Anna do when they saw Jesus? (thanked God)

What did Anna tell other people? (She told everyone the good news that Jesus had come to save people.)

Who can you tell the good news about Jesus? (allow responses)

SAY • Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple. Simeon and Anna had been waiting a long time to see Jesus. When Anna saw Jesus, she told everyone that “Jesus the Savior is here!” God had promised His people that a Savior was coming. Jesus came to save people. We can trust Jesus to save us; and like Simeon and Anna, we get to tell others the good news!

Say the key passage using motions. “In the beginning was the Word, (open hands like a book) and the Word was with God, (lift book up over head) and the Word was God. (point up)” John 1:1 (open hands like a book).

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