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For parents

How to Use This Page:

  1. Watch the Online Experience video with your child.
  2. Use the Parent section for some additional activities to do with your child.
  3. You can find all of the activity pages below.

For kids – Online Experience Video

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For parents

Before the Activity: Teach the children sign language for “yes” and “no.” For “no” in sign language, put your index finger and middle finger together then tap them against your thumb. Think of your fingers as an upper lip and your thumb as a bottom lip, and you’re closing the mouth. For “yes,” think of your fisted hand as your head. Raise and lower your fist, bending at the wrist, to nod “yes.” Practice several times with the children.

During the Activity: Ask the children the following questions and have them answer “yes” or “no” in sign language.

· Does Jesus love us when we disobey? (Yes)

· Will Jesus ever stop loving us? (No)

· Can you believe in Jesus? (Yes)

For kids




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