What We’re Learning: Thin Green Line
There is a thin green line between our hearts and our money. One of the five marks of a disciple at Hope is giving generously to God who gave us every thing. When we give money, whether to a person in need, an organization, or the local church we become part of a bigger story. This series will encourage students to look at how they GIVE, SPEND, and SAVE their money.

How do I lead my student through this lesson at home?
Grab a Bible, watch the video together and go through the below modified at-home discussion guide anytime you like OR play our online game and watch live with us Sunday at 10:35am on our MSM Facebook Page. We also have the original small group material here if you’d prefer that format.

Special Needs Families:
Click here for this week’s modified lesson guide

Wk 4: July 5 – SAVE

Create meaningful conversation with your student(s). Adjust questions as needed, and don’t feel like you need to answer all of them.

  1. Are you the kind of person who spends or saves? Why?
  2. If you had $100 in your pocket right now, what would you do with it? If you had $1,000, what would you do with it?
  3. What is something big you wish you could afford?
  4. Can you think of examples in your life, or in someone else’s, where saving would have been better than spending?
  5. What do you think about the 80/10/10 rule? Do you remember what it stood for? Do you think you could follow it?
  6. If you followed the 80/10/10 rule for a year, do you think your life would be any different? How?
  7. What are the benefits of saving, and why? Explain your choice:
    1. More money for you later
    2. More money to help others later
    3. Following God’s commands
    4. All of the above
  8. What is something you learned from the lesson this week?

Think back over all you’ve learned in this series on giving, spending, and saving.
What’s one or two wise habits you can make with your money to honor God?
(A habit is an action you take over and over again, like brushing your teeth.)
Write them down and tell your parents so they can help you keep these habits.

Here is a My Money Record tool to use at home to help you keep these wise habits.

Ask your student(s) to share their prayer requests and close your time together in prayer.

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